What primary services do you offer?

We provide Commercial Locksmith services.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are.  You can find our information at the following: Contractor’s license #840999, Locksmith license #4824

I just bought a new home.  Can you rekey my house?

Unfortunately, we can not assist in this, as we do not do residential work.

Can you give me a quote for programming a new key fob for my car?

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist.  We only do commercial locksmith work.

Can you give me examples of how I know if I need a Masterkey system?

A property manager may take over a building that had a lack of security. Unknown numbers of keys might have been issued, or no one knows which keys open which doors.

A professional office has lost track of who has which keys. Perhaps employees have come and gone without logging or turning in their keys.

The facilities manager who carries around 20 pounds of keys will spend valuable time trying to determine which key is needed for a single lock.


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