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Bay Cities Lock & Safe, Inc (BCLS) was started in 1980 after the owner, Doug Schneider had worked in three other commercial locksmith companies learning the trade.  While expanding his knowledge and experience in all things locks and master keying, he learned to specialize in how to set up master key systems, and improve upon record-keeping to not only be more efficient for the customers but to focus on the need for extreme measures in security.

Doug started his own company, BCLS and handled all forms of locksmithing, including residential, auto, safe, and commercial.  He chose to specialize in commercial locksmithing with BCLS in order to focus on giving exceptional quality in service within this specialized field.  One of the highest priorities that he passes on to every employee is the need for not only quality work, but the need for good old fashioned customer service.

When we take on a commercial account, we take on the entire building.  When our technicians go on site to do any given job, they are always checking any door they go through and any door they work on for potential or current issues that should be addressed.  After all, it's far better to address a problem before it becomes an expensive emergency.  We take on all essential commercial locksmith services, which includes rekeying, master keying, access control, and record-keeping.

Probably one of the things we at BCLS, are most proud of is the level of integrity with which we do business.  We will never sell you hardware you don’t need.  Additionally, if the hardware is at the end of its life, we will inform you that so you don’t keep throwing unnecessary repair money into something that is truly at the end of its life.  Trust is vital to us.

Give us a call to have us check on that door that doesn't shut the right way anymore, or have us assess that temperamental lock, or even re-key the building you just bought.  Since there are no automated phone systems with BCLS, you will always get a live person unless it's outside of standard work hours.  We look forward to hearing
from you!

Our technicians are experienced to handle all legacy building needs, as well as able to install and maintain high-tech modern security access monitoring systems. Dedicated to the highest standards, our Bay Cities Lock & Safe locksmiths are career professionals who have been highly trained and are fully licensed by the State of California. 

We are a fully licensed company.
Contractor’s license #840999
Locksmith license #4824

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